is optimized for:

A configuration of screen of 800 x 600 píxeles with a palette of thousands of colors (high-density color, 16 bitses).

Internet Explorer 5.0 y Netscape 4.0 o posteriores.

Information for users of PC´s about the change of screen configuration in the environment Windows:

  1. To carry out a change in the first place in the configuration of their screen it will consent, inside the square of dialogue Estate of Screen, to the record Configuration. He/she has two ways to consent to the same one: - Pressing the option Estate in the contextual menu that he/she will appear him after having pressed the right button of the mouse on the desk. - Selecting in the menu of Beginning the option Configuration Control panel and inside this the option Screen.
  2. Once have open the record Configuration will be able to, among other things, to carry out changes in two basic aspects of its monitor: desk Area: it Determines the resolution of the screen (píxeles number or points that they are composed the screen). You will be able to, dragging the leveler, to select the wanted resolution. If their resolution is smaller than 800 x 600 píxeles, haulage the leveler toward the right until the textual indicator shows him a resolution of 800 x 600 píxeles. If their resolution is superior, carry out the contrary process. Color palette: it Determines the maximum number of colors that they will be been able to see simultaneously in their monitor. So that their monitor can show him simultaneously thousands of colors it will select in the despegable the option high-density Color (16 bitses).
  3. Once selected the configuration of the wanted screen, it will press the button to Accept. Then he/she will appear him a dialogue square in him that he/she will have two options you select them: to Restart their PC with the new configuration? To apply the configuration without restarting? If you have changed the area of their desk he/she will only be able to apply the new configuration without restarting their PC, but if it has made some change in the option Color palette it will restart their PC so that the changes are applied that requests.