1.- Like asking for plastic bags:
You can make your budgets or orders of plastic bags sending to us a
eléctrónico mail to the following

2.- Application of:

She requests of Plaset S.L .
(indicate what proceeds) of the following bags
Budget Order

3.-That it facilitates

It should provide the following contact information:

Last names

Postal Code
State or county
Electronic mail

Dirección URL


4.-Data for form of payment

He can choose the form of payment that she prefers:

  • With cash (to refund) he/she will obtain 5% of discount spice, on the prices cotizados 
  • I pay by means of LETRA DE CAMBIO, with turn to" 30 days date bills.Indicate you when passing their order their Code of Bill Client: CCC.:

  •  We can make any class of Stock market of so large Plástico in
    cualquier , gauge (plastic espesor) and color; without imprimir or printed, from 1 to 6 inks; in any class of material: Politheno (of Discharge, Average or Low Densidad) o Polypropylene. - - - - - In any format: Bags type on; Bags type "camiseta" ; o Bags "Troqueladas".-
  • For darle prices of any class of bags, the best thing is than it facilitates SAMPLE to usS of which gaste and according to characteristics, amount, gauge, impression, etc. we will give the best budget him.- If it does not have samples tries buscar some stock market of the competition, in order to give some idea us; or, can facilitar to us MEASURED, gauge, inks to print, etc. y we will give the best budget him.
  •  Remenber that server the merchandise to BEARINGS PAGADOS to all Spain and You. elige the mode of payment: - if al is counted (we do 5 to him % of descuento) and if prefiere to pay by means of change letter, there is of indicar its C to us. C. C. (Code Account Account).
  • If it wishes to form its own price on any type of plastic bags. Click in the icon of unloading and bájese it in line descárguese or it executes the program that le we facilitated.


  • If fabricante is buying BAGS FROM PLÁSTICO to others and wishes that we improve the supply to him, we requested to him sends sample to uss of which it is spending, copy of the Fra/s. and we will serve a those same precios to him to that You. it has come buying, and además You. one benefitted from:
    - a 5 % by buy directly
    - and in addition 5 % of discount (if it prefers topay al counted).
  •   In  this same page Web  that you are reading  him facility  prices of SOME sizes  of the measures more corrents,  in  Bags of Plástico,  Modelo "Sobre" ,   Type" Camiseta"  y  Modelo " Roasts Minted". -
PLASET  S. L. .......  Tfno. +34  96 227 62 32 / Fax. +34  96 228 04  72
     E-Mail :